See instructions attached.  Instructions Organizational Analysis: Rough Drafts of the Paper (due in Week 3) and

See instructions attached. 


Organizational Analysis: Rough Drafts of the Paper (due in Week 3) and Presentation (due in Week 5)

This week, you need to submit the rough draft of your organizational analysis paper and provide supporting evidence for your analysis. The paper should be no less than 8 pages and no longer than 10 pages, must include references in APA format, and be written using APA formatting style.


Below are the key tasks you need to complete in this assignment:

Identify an organization (or unit within an organization) that you believe excels in high-quality relationships and enabling conditions for team performance. This organization can be from any industry.

Develop a scorecard for evaluating the organization or unit. At a minimum, you should include information on the mission and philosophy of the organization or unit, strategic projects, and analysis and implementation of findings. 

Building & Implementing a Balanced Scorecard


Make your case based on available first-hand or second-hand data about how the organization scores in terms of relational capability and enabling conditions for team performance. You will need to submit your scorecard as well as the evidence you utilized to your instructor.

Based on your analysis, prepare a 8- to 10-page paper. You will also submit the rough draft of a 20- to 30-slide presentation based on this paper in Week 5.

In the paper:

Describe the selected organization or unit. Include the following details:

A statement and an introduction regarding why this organization excels in team building and high-quality relationships

A description of what prompted the organization to focus on these variables, if known

The rationale for selecting the issue-its significance or importance in relation to team-building efforts and the success of the organization

Summarize the processes or programs that make this organization successful.

Describe the attributes that made those processes or programs effective.

Explain how the programs might be translated to your present organization. If you do not currently work, refer to a previous employer or discuss with someone employed and glean how they feel the programs or processes could be applied to their organization or unit.

Include all sources used in the reference list in APA format. You need to include at least five cited references.

Include a reference to the scorecard developed and used.

Include references to substantiate the claim that the organization excels in quality relationships. The second-hand information must be correctly cited.

Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document.

Note: Although this is a nongraded assignment, you must submit the rough drafts by the due date. It will help you get timely feedback and guidance from your instructor and ensure that you meet the due dates for the final drafts.

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